- Bite Down Hard -

I don’t want you to give me head.  

I want to feel your breath run up my arm.   

Soak my chest in tears from broken homes. 

How could Love have pierced through so quickly?  

Cut into me, fingers, teeth.

I'll never cum but I can agitate the scratches. 

I can press into bruises,   

Making up a collar around my neck to bind me as yours. 

Your child, your dog, your slave but you’ll be helpless. 

As I am too. 

I can hide it for both of us. 

We can show everyone. 

Lips meet over fast food tables. 

A playful mockery chirps through preoccupied minds.   

The 11th of August. 

Push me to the ground but do not beat me, 

Not yet. 


I’ll break as doors open. 

Forms are signed saying goodbye to old friends. 

I won’t cry for her, I’ll cry for you.   

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